How do CDI’s Use Iodine Software’s Concurrent Application to Streamline Review Processes?

June 5, 2023
James Kent


In an era of digital transformation, healthcare seeks the solutions that streamline processes, provide ROI, and create efficiencies that make a difference. AI solutions are helping physicians and care professionals make better decisions. In Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI), a critical aspect of healthcare delivery, Iodine Software’s Concurrent Application is essential to streamlining CDI review processes. To date, nearly 500 hospitals use the Concurrent Application module within Iodine’s AwareCDI Suite.

What differentiates Iodine Software’s Concurrent Application from other tools in the CDI specialist’s arsenal, and how does it enhance patient care?

Iodine Intelligence featured Sheila Duhon, Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at Steward Healthcare, to share some specifics on Iodine Software’s Concurrent Application and how it’s transformed the CDI review process at Steward Healthcare.

Key points from Duhon’s testimonial include:

  • How the Concurrent Application helps CDI specialists identify which cases need attention at the start of their day
  • The way the application streamlines the CDI review process, improving productivity and quality
  • The importance of these efficiency gains not only for the healthcare professionals but, crucially, for patient outcomes

Sheila Duhon, a seasoned healthcare professional, is the Director of Clinical Documentation Integrity at Steward Healthcare, one of the largest private, physician-led healthcare networks in the United States. With a background in nursing, Duhon has been instrumental in driving advancements in CDI and is known for her customer-centric approach. Under her leadership, Steward Healthcare has partnered with Iodine Software to develop and implement solutions like Forecast, further solidifying its commitment to technological innovation in healthcare.

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