J&J Vaccine Highlights the Desire for Simplicity and Speed in Healthcare

Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe and 72% effective in a U.S. clinical trial, Food and Drug Administration staff said. Watch above or read part of the interview below for Bloomberg Intelligence’s Sam Fazeli thoughts on the simplicity and efficiency implications of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

Host: Sam, in the heart of the matter, this is a search for simplicity. Peter Hotez of Baylor makes it very clear what we need globally is a simplicity of vaccine delivery. Does J&J accomplish that?

Fazeli: So I don’t think you can get simpler than the J&J vaccine. It needs very basic refrigeration and it’s one dose. So absolutely.

Host: When could we actually see it getting rolled out in the United states?

Fazeli: I think the dates that I’ve been hearing is in the next month or two, they did have some manufacturing issues, but certainly picking up rapidly going into the second half. So but let’s not forget that this vaccine, you know, the US has enough Moderna and Pfizer vaccines now to cover the entirety of the population, at least ordered. So this is a vaccine that really could make a difference to the rest of the world.

Host: Let me ask you the question that I’ve asked all of our esteemed guests in virology, which is from where you sit, Sam, do you look at the better statistics as an extrapolation forward into the spring of this year? Can you extrapolate to an optimistic outcome?

Fazeli: Tom, as you know, I would love to because it’s also my life. But but I am always wary of these variants that are circling. And I would love to think that they are not going to make a difference. And if you look at some countries where they have the B117 variant that was first identified in the UK, they’ve managed to get it under control with lockdown measures. So if we are careful, we can keep it under control. If we’re not. And we go into big gatherings, et cetera. I think there’s a risk that we might have another wave.

*Bloomberg contributed to this article

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