With so many cyberattacks happening on a weekly basis, it often seems difficult to believe if we’ll ever get to a point of true safety online. Especially in the healthcare field, a lot of patient data is stored and often tried to be taken by hackers in exchange for ransom money. Specifically, when it comes to ransomware, healthcare organizations are constantly trying to find ways to invest in better security technology within their IT department budgets, however, preparedness and lack of informal training still haunts them. In fact, Healthcare IT News reports that only 41% of U.S. Healthcare workers indicate that they have received training on how to stay secure at work leaving plenty of room for hackers to do their magic. Sadly, only 14% of the overall U.S. Healthcare IT budget is geared towards security staffing. In order to get to a secure place in this industry, Healthcare Security workers are going to have to push for a digital renovation in the workplace or else the problem will never be solved.