For years, it seemed the only two solutions for improving your sleep were spending the night at a clinical sleep lab for expert analysis or relying on doctor-prescribed medication to induce sleep. Now, the French neurotechnology startup Dreem is bringing cutting edge sleep research technology home for consumers. On this episode of the Healthcare Podcast, we spoke with Dreem CEO Hugo Mercier about his revolutionary Dreem headband that’s aiming to solve the global crisis of sleep deprivation and discuss how the advanced technology in the Dreem headband works.

“We observed that by triggering specific audio stimulations to the brain at specific times in the night, we’re able to enhance the quality of deep sleep,” Mercier says. “When you sleep, you go through different sleep stages, light sleep, REM sleep and deep sleep. Deep sleep is one of the most critical stages at night for the recovery of the body and the brain.”

Affecting more than one third of the population, sleep deprivation is a crisis. Luckily, over the past year, consumers have taken technology more seriously as a solution to sleep issues rather than pharmaceuticals. Mercier explains that technology has often been a scapegoat for chronic sleep problems, when in fact it can be the saving grace that pulls people away from a reliance on sleeping pills.

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