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Women make up only 36 percent of the transportation industry’s workforce. But at St. Louis, Missouri-based Medical Transportation Management, they are bucking the trend with innovative ways of attracting a largely female workforce. In fact, a whopping 76 percent of the upper management and workforce at MTM is female. On this episode of the Marketscale Transportation Podcast, we sat down with Chief Marketing Officer Michele Lucas and Vice President of People & Culture and Chief HR Officer Kerri Schewe-Mileski to discuss how MTM has built such a talented and diverse stafaf.

Changing societal norms have led more women to what has historically been considered a predominantly male profession, but what keeps the workforce engaged is a critical shift in leadership and culture, said Lucas. The first step is education about the medical transportation industry and the impact it has on people’s lives.

“We really promote our job postings, so as people look at a role that looks interesting to them, they look at our website, where we really tell the story of our culture,” said Schewe-Mileski. “Then they learn what our company does … helping break down barriers for healthcare and that’s very attractive because they want to be a part of something meaningful.”

Lucas shared how MTM emphasizes promotion and retention strategies for its workforce and creates a mentor-centric environment to encourage continued growth.

“We work hard to make sure our employees feel there is meaning and opportunity, that they can see a pathway or progression,” said Lucas.

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