On this episode of I Don’t Care, host Kevin Stevenson was joined by Christian Torres, owner of EMS Medical Billing, for a discussion about the ins and outs of revenue cycle management, or medical billing, in the healthcare industry.

Torres has more than two decades of experience helping healthcare professionals manage this complex aspect of the business.

“We help doctor’s offices and other healthcare providers, whether they’re therapy, counselors, you name it, with their billing,” Torres said. “We help them get paid by the insurance, and, really, we help them navigate the ever-changing of insurance claim filing.”

Today, coding has also become critically important – essentially, with the advent and adoption of electronic healthcare management systems, there has arisen a necessity to correctly provide diagnosis codes in these systems to ensure the process of making claims and getting paid runs as smoothly as possible.

Barriers have risen in the face of this process as a result of much more detailed and specific diagnosis codes – as Torres put it, instead of a few codes for types of broken legs, there could now be a code for breaking a specific leg, in a specific place, because of a fall off of a skateboard.

Stevenson and Torres also dove into more issues surrounding complications and challenges associated with electronic health record systems, the pressures put on medical staff assigned with managing these processes, and more.

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