Population Health is Becoming Precision Community Health

March 29, 2024
Brian Urban


The concept of population health is evolving rapidly, with a significant shift towards a more targeted approach known as Precision Community Health. Driving this change is the realization that broad health initiatives often overlook the nuanced needs of specific communities, particularly those in rural areas or experiencing generational poverty. With 80% of health outcomes determined by social determinants of health, such as economic stability and access to healthcare, the stakes have never been higher. This transformation begs the question: How can healthcare providers and organizations adapt to meet the unique needs of every community they serve?

This critical inquiry forms the backbone of the latest episode of Healthcare Rethink, A FinThrive Podcast. Host Brian Urban welcomes Jayme Ambrose, CEO of Adobe Population Health, to explore how her organization is leading the charge in this new era of healthcare. The discussion promises to unpack the transition from broad population health strategies to Precision Community Health, with community-focused interventions that address the social determinants impacting health outcomes.

Key points of discussion include:

  • The role of technology and data analysis in identifying and addressing community health needs
  • The importance of human touch in healthcare, exemplified by Adobe Population Health’s approach to care
  • Predictions for the future of community health and the ongoing evolution of healthcare delivery models

Jayme Ambrose brings a rich background to the conversation, with over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse and a deep commitment to community health. Her journey from a psychiatric nurse to the CEO of Adobe Population Health provides a continuous focus on addressing the social needs that impact health outcomes. Ambrose’s work, particularly in rural Medicare populations, has revealed the profound challenges and opportunities in improving community health through targeted interventions.

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