Simplify and Speed Up Your COVID-19 Testing Process with LabDash

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Simplify and Speed Up Your COVID-19 Testing Process with LabDash

ALBANY, OREGON – Concept Systems and WVT Laboratory have engineered LabDash, a web-based sample tracking system designed to simplify and speed up the COVID-19 testing process, and are excited to make it available to patients, private sponsors, providers and labs. LabDash has been key in WVT’s ability to have scaled to the highest volume COVID-19 testing lab in Oregon. LabDash also works with the Oregon Health Authority and others to provide fast and acurate COVID-19 testing results.

Quick and accurate testing is paramount to improved diagnosis and treatment of the disease and to generate more positive patient outcomes during the pandemic. LabDash makes this possible by simplifying the patient testing process; collection, receipt at the labs, result notification and reporting.

With individual accounts for patients, healthcare providers, sponsors and labs, LabDash has tailored interfaces for each and drastically reduces the complexity of data collection and reporting, while ensuring data accuracy and privacy throughout the process.

The lifecycle and test kit tracking process of LabDash looks like this:

  • The lab generates and assigns barcodes to providers, sponsors and individual patients who have requested tests. The lab is then empowered to follow their own standard procedures for test kit distribution.
  • Providers and sponsors facilitate testing as needed. Providers and patients enter the barcode and patient information to correlate the two when the sample is collected, and write the patient’s initials on the test tube.
  • When tests arrive back at the lab, lab technician scan each sample barcode into LabDash to mark the sample as “received.” The patient’s initials appear on the screen and the technician verifies that it matches what’s written on the test tube – no more manual entry of information.
  • After processing the samples, lab technicians upload the test results to LabDash. Providers and patients are notified that their results have been uploaded and can instantly view their results. A Clinical Lab Report PDF may be downloaded by providers and patients for reporting, travel, or proof of testing.
  • The lab has access to a full customizable, searchable breakdown of all data for reporting. This includes all patient information, sample collection data, provider information and sponsor information.
  • The lab can create custom transaction reports to monitor performance and throughput. User management and messaging tools also enable customer support.

The benefits of LabDash are clear. Because manual data entry is eliminated, data is more accurate and staff strain is reduced. In addition, paperless data collection and electronic data transfer helps support HIPAA compliance and security.

LabDash empowers easy management and tracking of COVID-19 test kits and simplified reporting and analytics, driving measurable benefits across the healthcare ecosystem.
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About LabDash

LabDash simplifies and speeds up the entire COVID-19 testing process for patients, providers, private sponsors, and labs. LabDash was designed and built by Concept Systems in partnership with Willamette Valley Toxicology, with a focus on the entire testing lifecycle from patient sign-ups through testing and results reporting, to billing and invoicing. Concept Systems created an easy process to ensure that customers are able to use the system; Create an account, get a QR code, and show up at the testing site: it’s that easy.


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