Telemedicine’s Role in Overcoming COVID-19 Healthcare Challenges

The healthcare industry has felt the ripple effects of the spread of COVID-19 perhaps more than any other – not only are healthcare providers trying to directly assist and care for patients in the wake of the disease, but supply chains, remote requirements and more have led to even more strain.

However, telemedicine could provide a unique solution and help providers maintain key operational capabilities during this period of uncertainty.

The Impact of COVID-19

It’s nearly impossible to understate the disruption COVID-19, or coronavirus, has already wrought on the world’s economy, and the healthcare industry is certainly no exception.

Worldwide, the United Nations estimates that COVID-19 could cost the global economy at least $1 trillion, with some “doomsday” scenarios forecasting double that impact.

In the healthcare industry, the increased demand for masks, testing kits and personal protective equipment has strained supply chains already slowed by the very spread of the virus to key areas.

Further, the very nature of care has experience upheaval – many patients exhibiting symptoms are encouraged to self-isolate and treat those symptoms at home, yet facilities are still being tested and doctors struggling to not only provide adequate care but protect themselves and their staffs.

Telemedicine and COVID19

What is Telemedicine, and How Can It Ease Those Impacts?

Put simply, telemedicine is the practice of caring for patients remotely, most often through HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing tools that allow for unprecedented remote connections between physicians and their patients.

Clearly, this kind of remote capability can be beneficial during a pandemic such as this novel coronavirus, giving physicians a way to care for patients without endangering either themselves or other patients.

In fact, the spread of COVID-19 is driving a Renaissance of sorts in telemedicine, delivering key advantages like:

  • Extending the segment of the population that has access to beneficial screening for COVID-19
  • Easing the strain on physical healthcare facilities that could struggle to deal with the increase in demand as cases rise
  • Protecting all parties involved, including patients with other conditions who may not have COVID-19, but would be at elevated risk of severe impact if exposed to the virus
  • Providing a low-cost, simple way to provide peace of mind and proactive action when necessary
Telemedicine and COVID19

ChartLogic Doing Its Part to Encourage Telemedicine Adoption and Use

With the benefits of telemedicine during this pandemic so abundantly clear, ChartLogic has committed to helping our clients provide this service to their patients and enabling robust remote care that upholds the standards of typical, in-person care.

ChartLogic has developed a new telemedicine solution that is now available for current and new customers at no additional cost.

It’s ChartLogic’s hope that this telemedicine solution helps your practice address urgent and immediate needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing you to continue to serve your patients to the best of your ability.

To learn more and be informed when the telemedicine solution is ready for use, click here.

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