One of many reasons why people want to work in GalaxE is because we revolutionize change in the costs of doing business that transform companies and their ability to leap beyond the competition. A place of challenging, rewarding work with unbeatable experience, passionate, talented teammates, unlimited growth potential, and premium work and life balance.

People at GalaxE make all the difference. Every professional is considered a valuable asset. We foster and maintain a culture of innovation with an exhilarating environment including high calibers of motivation and apperception facilitating more expeditious vocation magnification. We empower every team member with the implements and the access to make a positive difference.

GalaxE is dedicated to advancing the benefits of technology. As we continue that legacy and look to the future, a focus on business enablement through agile, cost efficient and effective integration of people, process and technology anchors our success.

Above all else, we are a company committed to our clients, colleagues, and communities. We believe in the power of transformation through dedication to excellence, and we value our people and their knowledge. This commitment to transformation extends to communities in which we do business.