With supply chain costs that can account for 25-30% of a hospital’s operating budget, many facilities are challenged with controlling supply spend without compromising patient care. However, when hospitals have the ability aggregate, their collective strength empowers them to achieve higher value together.

With proven results in reducing supply chain expenses, particularly in challenging PPI categories, TPC’s model creates a better understanding of the market landscape to drive better decision-making for Members. TPC provides a method for facilities to mutually evaluate products to assess their financial value and their impact on the quality of care.

Striving to drive value and provide cost-effective healthcare for all Member facilities, TPC’s Supply Chain Council coordinates the focus and strategies of TPC initiatives, aggregating dollars from multiple health systems and leveraging their strengths for the best outcome for patients. But what differentiates TPC is the level of membership commitment and engagement—from administrative leaders through clinicians and back to the supply chain—TPC provides a value-driven fellowship between healthcare organizations while allowing each facility to retain its autonomy.

Watch this video to see how TPC membership reduces supply costs without compromising clinical quality or patient care.