TransMedia Group announced on February 5th that it will introduce, Timicoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency blockchain mobile platform for storing medical records that can be safely accessed from anywhere.
The press release states that TransMedia plans to present Timicoin as the innovative leader in the blockchain technology space. “We’ll emphasize this breakthrough technology can be lifesaving, as it provides medical information in a few clicks, creating a sense of comfort for tourists who can quickly access their medical history from anywhere,” says Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia.
Timicoin satisfies a need in healthcare as the industry is shifting towards digital transformation with companies like Amazon, who are planning to disrupt with its own solutions.
“The Timicoin solution is exciting as I’ve always felt all doctors and patients should have access to medical records at their fingertips,” says Will Lowe, CEO of Timicoin. “Just imagine the comfort this provides to millions of tourists traveling the world, as they now possess a mobile health information platform accessible from anywhere.”
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