Ultrasound Technology to Diagnose and Treat Cardiovascular Disease

Ultrasound analysis leads the charge in advancements in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease. Intel’s Yehudit Levi and DiA Imaging Analysis’ Hila Goldman-Aslan joined Michelle Dawn Mooney for insights on the AI and technology advancements in ultrasound that provide better diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Hila Goldman-Aslan says that early detection is the go-to strategy to prevent a significant cardiac incident or death. “And ultrasound is the leading modality to identify those abnormalities in the heart, and it’s been increasingly used in all kinds of settings. You can see an ultrasound and cardiac ultrasound being used at the point of care in the emergency rooms and the ICU.”

A 2020 article from the American College of cardiology notes a rise in cardiovascular disease. With one-third of global deaths in 2019 attributed to cardiovascular disease, it is critical to find preventative solutions to reduce these alarming numbers. And this situation is where AI can play an essential role. “Artificial intelligence is all about data,” says Yehudit Levi. “The health segment is unique in the sense that a lot of medical records have been collected through the years. Artificial intelligence software enables processing these masses of data.” The insights gleaned from all this data and knowledge, once made accessible to the medical staff, help highlight abnormalities that might otherwise prove difficult to detect.

DiA Imaging Analysis powered through Intel technology strives to allow for more efficient cardiovascular results and better treatment. “We see physicians looking for more automated procedures and processes to help them make better decisions based on more objective information,” Goldman-Aslan says. Until recently, the review of ultrasound images relied solely on the operator, which creates a layer of subjectivity. With AI analysis, the process becomes more objective and provides better information for the cardiovascular team to make decisions. The increase in cardiac procedures and a shortage of staff analysts available make DiA Imaging ultrasound analysis solutions integral.

“Improving the diagnostic time is super important,” Levi stresses. “It allows more patients to be diagnosed.” Together, DiA and Intel make these ultrasound capabilities scalable for healthcare.

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