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Using Open-Source Software to Drive Reliability and Security in Lab & Life Sciences

Open-Source Software
  Open-Source software’s flexibility through its distribution with the source code gives programmers the power to modify and distribute with its original rights. That versatility Read more


Why Authentic Content Should Be at the Forefront of Your Company’s Marketing Strategy
March 24, 2023

Media today is the most powerful it’s ever been, and with the introduction of new channels to consume it daily, the consumer can become easily overwhelmed with a plethora of choices. How does your channel stand out? Authentic media might be the clickbait. With the likes of TikTok, YouTube, and streaming services like Spotify, […]

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pre-authorization processes
Insurance Providers Should Prioritize Solutions for Streamlining Pre-Authorization Processes
March 24, 2023

Prior authorization wastes medical and insurance providers’ time and can result in poor patient outcomes. Changes are likely as the federal government reviews legislation. Melanie Musson, a health insurance expert with, reminds providers, “Health insurance providers should focus on creating better pre-authorization processes to improve efficiency and patient outcome.” Prior authorization has been […]

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payer dynamics
Provider & Payer Dynamics: Revenue Cycle’s Evolution
March 24, 2023

Pre-authorization is a word that is being tossed around more and more frequently in the healthcare world. Often referred to as pre-approvals, prior approvals, or prior authorizations, these are insurance-dictated restrictions on medicines, tests, or health services that require a check before insurance will officially cover the product or service. More than three quarters of […]

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Using Open-Source Software to Drive Reliability and Security in Lab & Life Sciences
March 14, 2023

Open-Source software’s flexibility through its distribution with the source code gives programmers the power to modify and distribute with its original rights. That versatility allows many technological innovations within the Health and Life Science space. Intel partners with Health and Life Science organizations on a wide range of solutions, and open-source is critical to […]

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Creating Value for Clinicians and Patients Through Next-Gen Digital Workflows
March 8, 2023

Next-generation digital workflows are at the forefront of advancing how clinicians deliver healthcare. Intel partners with custom EMR workflow providers such as SaVia Health to improve those solutions and make new ones possible. Intel Head of Global Health Solutions Alex Flores recently sat down with SaVia Health CEO and Chairman William Caldwell to pull […]

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Understanding the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor
January 20, 2023

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, predicted the future of computer processing power (CPU) in stating that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double every other year. That has certainly held true, and today, the world of tech is transitioning from the 3rd to the 4th Gen Intel Xeon scalable processor, which […]

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How Cloud to Edge Technology Helps Handle the Immense Amount of Data Generated By Practitioners
January 17, 2023

Healthcare organizations generate massive amounts of data, so much so that the challenge becomes how and where to move it and store it. Health and Life Science at the Edge host, Gabrielle Bejarano, spoke with Zettar’s Chin Fang and Intel’s Michael McManus for a peek inside the technology solutions Zettar and Intel are partnering […]

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Solving Consumer-Facing Challenges Through Open-Source Technology
November 10, 2022

Consumer-facing industries such as retail and hospitality need help to get to their solutions faster. Accelerating solution-based development is a critical step to accomplishing this goal. Communicating with devices at the edge has proven a challenge for these sectors, as their primary concern is accessing that data, not necessarily the process that drives the result. […]

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Flawless Execution: Computing At The Edge
October 24, 2022

Edge computing – what is it? How does it work? Where does it apply? Tyler Kern discusses the possibilities and use cases with Bill Pfeifer, Edge Message Director of Dell Technologies. “At Dell, we define the edge as the place where data is acted on, near its point of creation, to generate immediate essential value,” […]

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The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring with Digital Medicine Society
October 18, 2022

The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is a global nonprofit specializing in the advancement of ethical, effective, equitable, and safe use of digital technology for redefining healthcare and optimizing lives. Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of DiMe, spoke with Intel’s Head of Global Health Solutions Alex Flores on the advancements in remote patient monitoring and the role […]

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Data Analytics in the Construct of Open and Secure Communication Standards in Energy and Industrial
September 29, 2022

Muthuraman “RAM” Ramasamy returns with Ricky Watts for this fifth special fireside chat series for Intel and Frost & Sullivan, focusing on various areas of technology innovation. For this go-around, RAM chose a topic close to Ricky’s heart, data analytics, in the construct of open and secure communication standards. As Ramasamy points out, “The world […]

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OT and IT Edge Convergence and the Emergence of the Edge Marketplace
September 23, 2022

To win the edge ecosystem game, it will take a village approach. Edge is no longer a linear value chain, going from step to step. An emerging circular value chain, with an open and extendable platform in its center and edge-optimized hardware, software, solutions, and system integration is gluing everything together. Frost & Sullivan’s Muthuraman […]

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