Creating Value for Clinicians and Patients Through Next-Gen Digital Workflows


Next-generation digital workflows are at the forefront of advancing how clinicians deliver healthcare. Intel partners with custom EMR workflow providers such as SaVia Health to improve those solutions and make new ones possible. Intel Head of Global Health Solutions Alex Flores recently sat down with SaVia Health CEO and Chairman William Caldwell to pull back the curtain for a revealing look at what’s driving the opportunity to create the next generation of digital workflows.

Caldwell says redefining what healthcare technology looks like is an important starting point to improve healthcare outcomes for patients. “Many physicians and providers still associate technology with adding work to our workflow, not making it easier to take the best care of patients. Providers want to do the right thing, and what we’ve built in the United States, particularly around documentation, is a way to document and bill, but what we haven’t done a great job of is helping me, the doc, do the right thing to take care of the patient.”

As Caldwell sees it, the challenge to improving patient outcomes is taking all the documentation, data, and analysis the healthcare technology already provides and creating a path from point A to point B. “If we can create something that fills that gap that not only tells us we’re doing something wrong, and only telling us how well we’re doing against a metric, but helps us go from point A to point B, that’s been the missing piece in healthcare.”

Caldwell and SaVia Health focus on making clinicians’ lives easier through its custom digital workflow solutions. “We not only create the content, but we provide the content to the clinician, to the person taking care of the patient, in real-time, at the point of care,” Caldwell says. “We make it usable. So, we facilitate clinicians doing the right thing.”

Changing patient behavior is an area Caldwell believes is essential to making a giant leap forward in improving outcomes and creating a better healthcare digital workflow, where asking the right questions can make a difference. “We need to put a process in place that can help physicians not only leverage the best practices and knowledge we all have, and the data we have, but also help us advise patients in a way that can change behavior and help them be compliant with recommended therapies. That’s a huge opportunity, going forward, in healthcare.”

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