CaseViewNet: Realtime has never been easier

January 1, 2023
rizwan ullah

In the fast-paced legal world, efficient and reliable communication is crucial, especially when it comes to real-time text delivery. Stenograph’s CaseViewNet offers a seamless solution, revolutionizing the way attorneys, judges, and litigants receive real-time transcripts without the hassle of cables or complex installations.

Whether you need to transmit real-time text to clients in the same room or across the globe, CaseViewNet has you covered. With the traditional CaseViewNet product, you can easily send real-time texts to individuals in your proximity using a WiFi hotspot or an Ethernet cable connection. For remote clients, CaseViewNet Cloud enables encrypted and secure real-time transmission through an internet connection, ensuring confidentiality no matter where they are located.

Compatible with any CAT software, CaseViewNet allows for instant updates of editing changes on clients’ displays, with added control over saving the transcript copies. To cater to different preferences, Stenograph offers a range of viewing options. For desktop users, CaseViewNet for Windows provides a comprehensive solution with features like mark creation, annotations, custom issue codes, dynamic indexing, and compatibility with various litigation software formats. iPad users can benefit from ICVNet, an exclusive solution designed for Apple’s iPad, offering enhanced marking and searching capabilities in a lightweight and portable package. Lastly, CaseViewNet Browser Edition provides the ultimate convenience and flexibility, requiring no software downloads or installations. Clients can simply log on to through their web browser, allowing access to real-time feeds on devices ranging from phones and tablets to computers.

With its versatility and powerful features, CaseViewNet caters to a range of scenarios, from depositions to captioning jobs. Experience the interactive and efficient world of real-time text communication in both local and global settings with CaseViewNet by Stenograph.

Unlock the potential of CaseViewNet and elevate your real-time text delivery experience to new heights.

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