Intro to the Luminex

January 1, 2023
rizwan ullah

Congratulations on your new Luminex purchase from Stenograph! Let’s dive into the exciting features and helpful tips to make the most of your writing experience.

When your Luminex arrives, carefully unpack it and discover the included accessories: a protective tote, charger, microfiber cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, USB cable, and USB card reader. With everything you need to get started, power on your writer by pressing and holding the leftmost function button for two seconds.

To optimize your Luminex, visit to download and install drivers, utilities, and the user guide onto your computer. Use the provided USB cable to connect your writer and load your personal dictionary. Your Luminex is now ready to go!

One of the remarkable aspects of the Luminex is its customization options. Adjust the stroke depth by rolling the left thumb wheel for shorter or longer strokes. Similarly, use the right thumb wheel to modify keyboard tension. Decrease tension for a lighter touch or increase it for a firmer response.

Weighing just three and a half pounds, the Luminex is incredibly lightweight and designed for maximum mobility. It features built-in power, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to work freely in any space. The accompanying tripod offers 140 degrees of tilt, combined with the writer’s own 180-degree screen tilt capability, providing unparalleled flexibility.

To learn more about using your Luminex and exploring optional adjustments, visit our YouTube channel at Additionally, stay up to date with the latest security and performance improvements by checking for software updates at

Remember, if you have any questions or need technical support, our dedicated team is just a phone call away at 1-800-323-4247.

Thank you for choosing the Luminex by Stenograph. Get ready to unlock your writing potential and embark on an exceptional journey with this advanced writer.

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