The hospitality experts at eZee Technosys recently finished integrating their booking engine and channel manager solutions with Indonesian company Sindata PT Supranasa’s Visual Hotel Program (VHP) PMS.

Current VHP PMS users will be able to take advantage of eZee’s wide array of powerful hospitality solutions, customer support and expert implementation. Analysts expect the combination to boost Indonesia’s hospitality and tourism industries with a potent and cost-effective technology. eZee anticipates that exposure and access to new markets via VHP PMS’s deep pool of users will help grow their business and develop their brand.

Following the integration, hotel operators can expect even more control over the booking process and have the ability to manage inventory, rates, channels in real-time, plus free online booking. Alongside the integrated services, eZee has introduced a hotel management app for mobile.

Both companies are engaged and eager to allow for third-party integrations like this. Will the rapid transition pay off for the hotel innovators?