Five Star Service Starts on Your Smart Phone

Hotel giant Hilton has rolled out an app that will allow guests to use their mobile device or television remote to control the electronics in their room. Hilton’s Connected Room has already started collecting accolades and awards, and this seems to only be the beginning.

The Connected Room lets guests control their television programming, lighting, temperature and personalize their preferences all from their phone or tablet. Inspired by the growth of global traveling and increasing consumer expectations, Hilton’s IT and Digital team responded with the Connected Room platform, which, according to Josh Weiss, VP of Brand at Technology for Hilton, is “rooted in the unique needs of each guest.”

As part of the rollout, Hilton and Showtime have partnered, taking a huge step previously unseen in either industry. The hotelier will work with the premium cable and entertainment company to provide an innovative in-room watching experience. A free perk for Hilton’s guests, via the Honors app, will include complimentary streaming of Showtime as well.

IoT has revolutionized our homes and workplaces, and Hilton and other hotels have harnessed the power of connectivity. Hilton spokespersons have been forthcoming about the technology as part of a pilot program, but in this competitive, constantly evolving culture, they are tight-lipped about exactly what the future will hold.

According to Weiss, the company is, “taking a dynamic approach to identify, create, and deliver many others in the future, based on what’s most important to our guests.”

Hilton is not the only corporation making such changes.

AccorHotels, a French multi-national hospitality company, is using smart innovations to transform the experiences of all their guests, even those traditionally underserved. They are offering remote adjustable room devices from TV stands to shower heads to help those with mobility issues. In addition, the company has implemented special treatments such as a sleep and concentration headband device with integrated brain energy sensors and relaxation program. It has also developed a customizable olfactory system to create the customer’s desired waking aroma for their room, with scents from coffee to sea breeze and everything in between.

Now available in nearly 500 rooms, Hilton plans to soon expand their Connected Rooms to thousands of additional rooms across multiple brands and locations.

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