History is Always a Great Destination

Trends in hospitality can change as quickly as the introduction of a new piece of technology. As cities rise and fall, so do potential customers and sales dollars. That is why the longevity of certain hotels is something to respect and admire. Today we take a look at three hotels, all at least 70 years old, that have continuously operated amidst the ebbs and flows of American history. All with unique amenities that have kept people coming through their doors, these hotels were visionaries in the hospitality industry.

The Anchorage Hotel: Anchorage, Alaska

The historic Anchorage Hotel dates back to the early 20th century. With that long of a history, it may not come as a surprise that many allege this hotel of being haunted. Whether there is truth to these rumors or not, the hotel does provide a ‘ghost log’ in its lobby for those that claim to have seen paranormal behavior during their visit.

The hotel has maintained landmark status throughout the years as a result of famed aviator and entertainer, Wiley Post & Will Rogers staying at the hotel just two days before their fatal plane crash.

El Tovar Hotel: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Construction of this Arizona hotel slightly predated United States President Theodore Roosevelt’s policy that anointed the Grand Canyon a protected National Park. Work started on this hotel in 1902, just a year before Roosevelt visited the site. The hotel was completed and opened in 1905 with Roosevelt’s designation implemented the next year. If the idea for this property would have occurred any later, it would have been outlawed.


The hotel was designed as a luxury property that would provide one of the best views in the park, as it stands only twenty feet from the rim of the Grand Canyon. The construction of this hotel would start a trend in which the railroads built hotels in scenic locations to stimulate rail road tourism.


The Raleigh: Miami, FL

This iconic property is known worldwide as a pivotal part of Miami’s Art Deco district.

The Raleigh has maintained a place in the history books as having one of the first curved swimming pools. When it debuted in 1947, LIFE magazine called it the most beautiful pool in the world.

Like many historic hotels, The Raleigh has changed ownership numerous times. Tommy Hilfiger is the most recent owner, purchasing the property in 2014 with plans to modernize it and reduce the number of rooms.

All three of these hotels are still succeeding today, not because of their reliance on a historic reputation, but because the vision of their founders still works to this day. No idea can remain stagnant over the course of decades and still work, but a quality foundation based on innovation has set these hotels up for generational success.

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