Drawing Inspiration from Hospitality Designs Can Make Great Home Design


The modern home is transforming, drawing inspiration from the vibrant hospitality designs of chef-driven restaurants and boutique hotels. Gone are the days of mundane interiors, replaced by the celebratory ambiance and practicality seen in today’s hospitality industry. From bold color statements in living spaces to the luxury of plush hotel-like bedding, homeowners are keen to infuse their sanctuaries with these trending elements. Affordable art solutions and a holistic design approach bridge the gap between public venues and private residences.

What do these trends say about what does and doesn’t work for today’s hospitality design strategies? Does smart tech play a role in this ripple effect of hospitality design trends?

Clay Markham, an Architect and Hospitality Expert, says homes aren’t mirroring hospitality design, per se. Still, there are many great design strategies and takeaways for the home hospitality provides.

Clay’s Thoughts

“Hotels are really interesting because they’re, you know, they’re sort of meant for everybody. Just like when you sell real estate, you can’t have your home be too specific. If it’s too tailored to your personal preferences in terms of space, architecture, and interior design, it may not appeal to a broader audience. Especially in high-end establishments like the Four Seasons, you’ll notice a neutral palette. They aim to give guests a sense of place, making them feel connected to the location.”

Bringing Hospitality Home

“Bringing the essence of hospitality into homes means ensuring the design resonates with the surroundings. It’s not about being overly thematic, like turning a Dallas home into a cowboy haven. Instead, it’s about having a neutral base that can be accentuated with art, color, or other elements. This neutral envelope is a hallmark of hospitality design.”

The Importance of Warmth

“Warmth is everything. It’s about creating a look and feel that exudes comfort. One key aspect of this is lighting. Avoid harsh, overall lighting. Opt for soft, focused, and indirect lighting. The temperature of the light matters, too, with incandescent bulbs providing a warmer ambiance compared to the coldness of fluorescent bulbs.”

Texture and Layering in Design

“The influence of soft lighting, neutral tones, and texture is evident when redesigning spaces, even commercial ones like shopping malls. Incorporating different textures, whether through flooring or carpeting, can evoke a hospitality feel. Layering is crucial. Even if you have wood or stone floors, adding area rugs can create depth and warmth. This layering, often missing in commercial settings or homes, is vital for achieving the essence of hospitality design.”

Smart Tech in Hospitality

“Smart tech has always been a buzzword in home design. One area where it translates well from hospitality to homes is lighting controls. Hotels often use lighting scenes, like breakfast or dinner scenes, to set the mood. Some hotels, like the Andaz Hotel by Hyatt, even allow guests to choose room colors, creating a personalized ambiance. This customization enhances the guest experience.”

Creating Experiences Through Design

“Understanding layers, textures, and the neutrality of colors is pivotal in hospitality design. This approach is now being applied in various settings, even in hospital lobbies, to make them feel more welcoming. It’s about enhancing the overall experience, whether through art or other elements. Think about the specific experiences you want to create based on your location. While it’s fun to have themed elements, it’s essential to ensure they’re not too permanent or overwhelming.”

Attention to Detail in Hospitality

“Every detail matters in hospitality. From the lighting on a terrace to the candles in a room, these touches make a difference. If you’re aiming to bring a hospitality feel to your home, especially for guests, consider non-permanent, cost-effective solutions. Ensure guest bedrooms have elements like luggage racks, packaged soaps, bedside plants, soft lighting, and proper bedding. Learning how to make a bed properly and providing ample pillows can elevate the guest experience.”

Article by James Kent

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