When travelling, not everyone can afford the glitz and glamour of five-star resort. However, the expectation of a clean bed, functioning television and a service that provides food without any mold on it should be an expectation.

Everyone has stayed in a hotel that they cannot wait to leave the moment they enter their room. From a light switch that does not seem to work to a window view of a cement wall, we try to find a way to change rooms as quickly as possible. We looked at some of the country’s worst accommodations for today’s photo series, taking a look at everything from the bear sighting to a hallway that resembles The Shining a little too much.

At least they warned us, right?

I wonder if he was surprised…

A state of the art T.V. set up, 10/10. 

If only there was something like Pest Control to take care of problems like these…

Isn’t this a part of any horror movie plot? 

I can’t tell if this is cute or just downright creepy

Getting some major “will you play with us” vibes

Looks like a 5 star hotel if you ask me

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