Connecting with guests should be a hotel’s first priority, and San Francisco’s Hotel Zelos is doing just that after integrating the Alice Concierge platform to streamline their staff operations.

ALICE’s guest messaging technology allows staff to build a rapport with their guests at the time of booking. “Texting is a great way to engage with guests in a way many of us now communicate,” said GM Sietse Nabben in a recent statement. “We’re seeing that by sending a simple, personalized text before the guest arrives, we can positively impact guest satisfaction and help drive guest loyalty.”

The ALICE Concierge platform allows team-wide communication for excellent customer service, guest communication channels, and package management in one platform.

“There’s a lot of turnover in our industry, so it’s essential we use tools that are easy to train [on] and easy to use. The reason why using ALICE is so intuitive for all of our staff is because it’s similar in functionality and design to many of the apps we all use already in our daily lives,” Nabben explains. “ALICE’s innovation is not only that it streamlines hotel operations, but that it does so in a user-friendly way.”[1]