How Millennials Are Setting the Market in Hospitality

Hospitality and the Millennial Generation

The phrase “millennials are killing” is used as a precursor to a number of brand and store names. Hospitality, as an industry, is not exempt from struggles resulting from the preferences and consumer habits of the millennial generation. To build their millennial customer base, many in the hospitality industry are making significant changes.

Redefining Service to Meet Millennial Expectations

As the hospitality industry has grown, competitiveness has increased. Millennials recognize this, and, using smart technology are able to be more demanding. One of the main demands millennials make is for better service.

According to an Oracle study, millennials have redefined service as high-tech, personal, and accessible. Service, to millennials, is having desires met on-demand. They expect to be able to use their phones, apps, and other forms of tech to do everything from order room service to receive recommendations on hotels that are the most like their previous favorites.

Understanding the Desire for Experience

With the rise of media like Instagram, millennials have increasingly preferred hotels that feature striking looks and activities that are “share-worthy” on social platforms. Robots, interactive digital maps, and modern décor are all favored because they make hotel stays an experience, rather than just a necessary part of travel.

Changes Hotels are Making to Appeal to Millennials

There are many ways hotels are changing to appeal to millennials. For one, hotels are discontinuing features that millennials are “killing off” anyway. For example, loyalty programs are rarely used by millennials anymore, causing hotels that have them to be viewed as outdated.

Positive changes that are common among hotels adapting to attract millennials include:

  • Revamping room service and menus to be digital or integrated with apps.
  • Making lobbies work-friendly spaces.
  • Adding tech like Amazon echo buttons or robotics.
  • Connecting with local businesses, restaurants, or events to make experiences part of hotel stays.

The millennial generation will continue to influence industries, like the hospitality industry, so hotels must continue to adapt everything from their marketing to their tech to their customer service to meet the preferences of this customer base.

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