How Software Solutions Are Easing Hospitality Staffing Burdens


Hospitality staffing continues to be a pressing issue for hotels and the larger experience economy. Hotels continue to face major staffing issues, even three years out from the start of the pandemic. Recent reports from June 2023 out of the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that as many as 82% of surveyed hotels were short on staff, and that an overwhelming majority of those hotels couldn’t fill job openings even with competitive benefits.

At this year’s HITEC, the hospitality industry’s largest technology trade show, companies showcased different solutions and strategies for addressing these staffing challenges, or at least mitigating some of their worst consequences. MarketScale spoke with software development company Chetu to get a sense for how software solutions are playing a role in addressing hospitality staffing challenges.


Chetu’s Thoughts

“I guess you can say some of the problems have occurred from the pandemic, the global pandemic, with some of the challenges to the hospitality and travel industry that kind of hurt the industry financially. So some of the problems that we try to solve is bringing in the hospitality as a very traditional area, trying to bring in new innovation, whether that new innovation is through the digital transformation or maybe some of the issues that come from the supply chain era. So those are some of the things that we try to do and solve with our technology.” – William Dawsey, Vice President, Chetu Inc.

“Additionally, what William just said, like some of the traditional work, for example, housekeeping and all, we bring like automated intelligence, which is AI, into the picture. That way we can solve some of the problems by reducing some of the laborers. So that’s another, I would say, area of expertise that we have.” – Atul Gupta, Director of Operations, Chetu Inc.

“So we’re showcasing, honestly, it’s our experience. We’ve been in the industry now for well over 20 years and we bring a lot of expertise to the industry from a delivery standpoint, from a software perspective, and also from this industry experience from a consulting perspective. So those are the things that we feel through working with our clients, going through more of a design phase, workflows, and just trying to understand their challenges and try to see how we can accommodate those challenges through software development. I’m just meeting new people, meeting new people, seeing what some of the industry trends are going now, seeing how AI is being incorporated, and seeing how we can interact with some of the individuals here and how we can help them out through technology.” – William

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