Time for today’s Hospitality Minute, brought to you by MarketScale.

One major downside of traveling is that feeling you get when you just need one thing, but you’d have to travel all the way down to the lobby to get it. Let’s be honest: most of us just don’t have the desire to make that trip.

Bartech is presenting an update to the things that can be offered to hospitality guests without them having to even leave the comfort of their room. Say hello to the new minibar, the Bartech DD46.

Not only can it be stocked with a huge variety of chilled items, it can automatically post purchases and notify the hotel when items need restocking. There is also sufficient space inside for a guest’s personal items.

This new design can also be offered with a top dry selection space that can now include Bartech’s eTray. It uses the same advanced sensor technology to allow the offering of non-perishable items, such as snacks, toiletries, and even electronics, like that replacement for that phone charger you left on the plane.