Make Your Hotel an Adventure For All Ages

When you think of the hospitality industry, do you think of zip lining, rope courses, and rock walls? If so, then you are in tune with a rapidly emerging trend where these kinds of activities—and many more—are being offered to customers as an experience enhancing incentive. Today, hospitality organizations are competing to not only get people through the doors but inducing guests to remain on property once they are there. After all, the longer customers stay on site, the better the bottom line.

When It Comes to Returning Customers, You Cannot Beat Experiences

Millennials may be leading the way, but the fact of the matter is that practically every age group is increasingly interested in the experience rather than objects—or even luxury. Inherently wired to seek out new experiences, humans enjoy novelty, challenges, and thrills. This is the very reason amusement parks exist. However, in this era of experience, people expect these challenges and thrills to be available in a wider variety of places, minus the long lines, and with more direct involvement than simply being strapped in and enjoying the ride. More and more, people want to do more things.

To improve the customer experience and gain more return patronage and referrals, creating a unique, memorable experience that is shareable and personalized is essential. It’s especially important to be different from your local competitors. And consumers today are actually paying for more than an adventure; they are paying for a memory—a memory that includes laughter, a challenge, and the opportunity to share the joy of completing a new activity or that defies daring.

What About the Kids?

Of course, many people aren’t able to fully enjoy these adult-appropriate activities when accompanied by their children. One parent may have to watch the children while the other enjoys the more perilous grown-up activities alone. When this occurs, one of the most essential elements of having an experience—sharing that experience with someone else—is lost. A great way to ensure guests are getting the most out of your amenities, whether it’s an exercise room, a bar, a spa, a fancy restaurant, or adventure activity, is to provide families with a unique dedicated play area for their children. After all, why should the adults have all the fun?

Unique Themed Environments

Hotels or other lodging services such as Airbnb should strive to provide customers with more than a room to sleep in and a room of stationary bikes surrounded by a handful of hand weights. Attract more families to your hotel or resort with innovatively designed play areas created specifically for your brand. PLAYTIME imaginatively custom designs and builds unique themed environments you will be proud to have as the centerpiece of your location and as a fun-filled focus for visiting tykes.

Explore PLAYTIME’s portfolio of travel and leisure environments to determine what we can do for you. Do you have a certain design in mind? We are ready to work with you on a custom project!

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