Say Yes To Travel: Keep Your 2020 Travel Resolutions


Welcome to the first episode of Say Yes to Travel, hosted by award-winning concierge and travel expert, Sarah Dandashy. Sarah will be exploring all things travel, including trends and what makes the industry tick. Today’s show focuses on tips to ensure you keep your 2020 travel resolutions.

Sarah shares that travel is on the uptick as people have begun to focus on experiences over things.

Here are her tips to make sure 2020 is a year of travel for you.

  • Use your vacation days: Did you know that 55% of U.S. workers don’t use all their vacation days? Crazy, right. We often get caught up in the day to day and forget to take a break, but taking the time to relax, explore, and change your view can help you reset.
  • Take micro-cations: Maybe you don’t have the time or money to travel across the world, but you can plan shorter trips to nearby cities and states. Make use of those long weekends where you already have a day off.
  • Start to save: Cost is one of the biggest inhibitors to travel. Make a point to put aside a small amount regularly, and soon you’ll have the cash you need to say yes to travel.
  • Use your points: There are so many great travel credit cards out there that can help you with flights and hotels. Don’t forget about your frequent flyer miles and free hotel nights, either.
  • Travel solo: If finding the perfect travel companion is keeping you from seeing the world, do it on your own. Then it’s truly your vacation.
  • Get help: If you aren’t sure where to go or how to get there, work with a travel agent. Their knowledge and expertise can assist you in making decisions.
  • Book responsibly: Plan ahead and think about travel insurance to protect your trip in case something happens.

Get more tips and great information from Sarah by listening to the podcast and stay tuned for new episodes of Say Yes to Travel.

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