Before and during the historic U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Summit, security was at the forefront. Accompanying two of the world’s most important and controversial leaders clearly involves advanced security measures.           

In the wake of the Las Vegas Shooting, many hotels have shown concern in regard to better monitoring of guests and suspicious behavior without infringing on the hospitality experience—a very fine line for many companies to walk. One hotel in Vegas is using futuristic technology to help prevent a cache of weapons from being brought onto a premises like the ones used in the Mandalay Bay shooting. 

The Westgate Hotel Casino & Resort has started testing technology from security firm Patriot One Technologies, which can detect concealed weapons ranging from guns to machetes—all while sending an alert to the proper authorities. 

Their product, the Patscan Cognitive Microwave Radar, is small enough to fit in turnstiles, doorways, and panels. The microwave signal then is able to detect heat signatures and other variables that could be given off of these concealed weapons. Once a match is confirmed through their recognition software, the hotel security team is notified and a threat can be neutralized before anything ever happens. 

While many hotels hesitate to change the guest experience in the name of safety, technology is further helping eliminate the need for compromise. While President Trump and Chairman Un received the highest levels of de-bugging and security protocols, not everyone has the same privilege. While this event has brought the best security governments can buy, top notch hotel security is unfortunately becoming a more important requirement for guests throughout the world.