Hotels around the world are constantly striving to adapt to an evolving guest palette. It is important to maintain a growing customer base that is drifting away from chain-hotels and willing to spend the extra dollars for a unique, Instagram-worthy experience. Creativity is imperative to creating a unique guest experience and several new and developing hotels are doing just that and making quite a reputation for themselves in the process.

Scotland-based craft beer producer Brewdog opened the doors to its crowdfunded-hotel & brewery earlier this year to high expectations, offering one-of-a-kind experiences for its guests. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the 42-acre site is a Mecca for beer lovers of any legal drinking age. Guests do not have to walk far to visit 6,000 square-foot interactive beer museum on the premises. The amenities go beyond the in-house museum and brewery, though.

Beer-lovers have plenty to love about The Doghouse. Every room overlooks the OverWorks sour brewery inside the facility, with a variety of Brewdog craft beers stocked in a shower-fridge so no moment is passed without a cold one in hand.

Using an unconventional experience as a selling point has helped launch new hotel concepts in cities across the United States. In Nashville, the Marriott-branded Moxy hotel is taking notes from the nightlife surrounding it to give their guests the best party experience they have to offer.

Set to open in 2019, the Moxy will be sandwiched between a Kid Rock-owned restaurant and a country western store in Nashville’s Lower Broadway district. At check-in, guests will be greeted by a bartender rather than a traditional front-desk worker and even better will be met with a complimentary beer to start the vacation.

Featuring a rooftop bar along with bars and restaurants in the lower two levels, hotels like the Moxy and Doghouse are offering more fun in-house for guests looking to have the best time with the easiest accessibility—and these hotels are generating more revenue and excitement as a result.