Welcome to Hyosung Innovue: Brand Video

May 17, 2023
irfan ullah

Crafting the best technology is about more than just using the latest devices and new techniques; it’s about making enjoyable experiences.
This commitment to elevating human experiences is at the core of our new identity.
From offering the most efficient and convenient banking journeys, to ensuring the quickest and most frictionless retail shopping, it’s our mission to improve life’s day-to-day interactions for everyone.
Welcome to Hyosung Innovue!

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cutting-edge ATM solutions
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Cutting-edge ATM solutions were the focus of the Hyosung Innovue kick-off event on June 20, 2023. New technology and capabilities give retailers exciting revenue-enhancing opportunities through the latest ATM innovations.

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After working behind the scenes for over a year, we finally unveiled our new Hyosung Innovue brand at ATMIA US 2023 held in New Orleans. With this complete rebranding it’s our goal to deliver seamless and memorable experiences to improve the everyday for everyone. Check out all of the latest innovations like our next-generation Hyosung…

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Banking Experiences Our banking solutions are customized to the specific needs of our clients and are always engineered with trust, collaboration and innovation to improve the overall customer experience. Retail & Hospitality Experiences Our in-store transaction solutions are defining the next generation of fast and frictionless retail experiences. Whether it’s self-ordering kiosks, self-checkout, or POS…