Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Jobs

The fear is growing that robots will eliminate jobs held by low or unskilled workers,and a study from Forrester argues that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will replace 12 million jobs in the United States by 2025.

Already these changes are apparent in Amazon and Walmart distribution centers, among many others. Corporate managers are not oblivious to data proving that automation and robots are not wedded to time clocks, vacations, sick time and fallible human interaction.

The downside, however, is that robots don’t have the ability to discern and interpret human emotions and cannot completely replace the unique creative thinking abilities only available to human beings.

Data processing, data gathering and inventory collecting skills, for example, are  attributable to automation processes, but these functions cannot replace everyone in the supply chain.

So even as AI and automation will change the world, jobs held by humans beings are not going to disappear.

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