Cellular Systems Can Keep Your IIoT Connected and Communicating

Earlier generations of industrial automation systems are becoming obsolete as the world becomes increasingly connected. The addition of the cloud both makes things more complex and opens up entirely new worlds of possibilities. Further, Gigabit Ethernet bridges the gap for enterprises looking to build and strengthen their networks as well as increase connectivity among video cameras, sensors, M2M, and other connected devices.

However, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is spreading to industries like oil, gas, and utilities where remote data monitoring helps keep systems safe and efficient. These kinds of companies often have equipment in hard-to-reach locations, which can make setting up a series of routers to keep their cameras and other monitoring equipment connected impractical at best. Many have turned to cellular networking, which adds cellular connectivity to remote terminal units (RTUs).

Monitoring Remote Assets

Remote data monitoring is critical for effective IIoT implementation. The oil and gas industries, as well as alternative energy, power and utilities, water and wastewater facilities, require seamless connectivity regardless of expansive territories. The logical solution to such a situation is the use of cellular networking, which allows remote sites to overcome many infrastructural, financial, or safety barriers.

Cellular networking can keep your IIoT in constant contact regardless of whatever situations may arise at your plant, no matter how expansive the range you need. That’s increased safety throughout your sites.

Power Outage Prevention

Most people think having a pervasive IIoT requires having routers throughout the plant to ensure reliable connectivity. The problem is, what do you do in the case of a power outage? Battery backup for cameras and vital sensors are one thing, but to provide power throughout the plant to provide electricity to all the routers would require a much more robust generator system.

The solution is cellular networking. By using cellular, you maintain connectivity even during a power outage. This is also a lower-cost solution to maintaining IIoT connectivity. The last thing you want is for your monitoring system to fail to communicate to you during a crisis simply because the power is out.

Cellular Networking Turns Remote Sites into Smart Remote Sites

Pushing control to the network’s edge adds operational reliability and reduces costs. The combination of RTUs and cellular networking have the power to connect diverse equipment and turn remote sites into smart remote sites. To monitor remote assets, turn to the reliable cellular networking of Red Lion Controls.

Red Lion’s Sixnet® series RAM® 6000 and 9000 industrial cellular RTUs provide you with a secure all-in-one platform that offers unmatched reliability for the remote monitoring and control of field-deployed assets. Its built-in event engine can trigger I/O and send SMS text messages providing real-time operational data, providing local control regardless of location. The RAMQTT, Red Lion’s native message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) client, further strengthens your network by keeping you updated in the most efficient manner possible.

Implement a Reliable Cellular Networking Solution with Red Lion

Energy and utility companies need a reliable partner to take on cellular networking implementation. Red Lion has the experience and technology to purpose-build cellular networking programs within these unique industrial environments. Their expertise will bring you state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control, including serial-to-IP conversion, simplified packaging, cloud connectivity, rapid deployment, and more.

As the global experts in communication, monitoring, and control for industrial automation and networking, Red Lion has been delivering innovative solutions to clients within the energy and utility industries for over 40 years. Our cellular networking technology, automation, Ethernet, and cellular M2M products enable companies worldwide to gain real-time data visibility that drives productivity.

To learn how to implement a reliable cellular networking solution with Red Lion, visit us at http://www.redlion.net/solutions today!

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