Delivering Quality Wi-Fi a Must for Education

In order to attract and retain the best students while being seen as a true 21st century institution, a university or college should not overlook one of its most important assets: the Wi-Fi network. Being viewed as a school who isn’t keeping up with technology will get out. If a school’s Wi-Fi is not meeting academic standards, then it’s time for an upgrade before prospective students give it a failing grade.

The Numbers Show Many Schools Need an Upgrade

Colleges typically have open or secured Wi-Fi networks that cover the entire campus, similar to public Wi-Fi networks in airports, libraries, and restaurants. These networks ideally supply each user an equal share of available bandwidth at speeds that allow smooth and steady Internet access. However, not all institutions of higher learning are measuring up. According to a 2018 MarketScale market research survey of verified college administrators in the U.S., only 19% of college administrators rate their Wi-Fi as excellent and just 26% have had upgraded Wi-Fi systems installed in 2017 or 2018.

The Demands on Wi-Fi are Greater Than Ever

The challenge is not just the number of students, it’s the number of devices they bring with them. According to a recent study, college students own an average of seven devices each. Outdated networks are simply not equipped to handle this type of density and usage. In addition, students use their devices constantly and don’t want service dropping out due to spotty coverage as they travel between classrooms, labs, dorms, stadiums, student unions, and dining halls. Of course, all those entry points mean that schools need to be vigilant in protecting their Wi-Fi from hacking and security breaches as well. The right Wi-Fi design will provide a reliable and secure online experience on every part of your campus that meets the needs of today’s students and will help boost your enrollment. And that means it’s important to partner with an expert to ensure your Wi-Fi makes the grade.

Tessco has the Technical Expertise to Help Your School Make Top Honors

At Tessco, we don’t just sell you an off-the-shelf solution. We work with more than 450 suppliers, a variety of nationwide contractors, and value added-partners for maintenance and installation. Before we begin, our experts will discuss your project requirements, collaborate on product selection, and ensure you’re not missing any critical elements. We’ll provide valuable insight on hardware selection and ensure your solution is delivered on time and on budget, at the lowest total cost.

On campus, Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury; it’s a mission-critical service. Let Tessco make the difference in the success of your school- or campus-wide project.

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