Elevating the Customer Experience through Bank Branch Digital Transformation

May 13, 2021
Sarah Dandashy

Banks are a constant – they loom on urban corners and dot rural towns, providing necessary financial services to their customers. However, they’re also rigid, often resulting in slower adaptation of new technologies.

In today’s world of heightened consumer expectations and the desire for more personalized and automated experiences, that’s no longer an option. Even though physical, brick-and-mortar bank branches are here to stay, it’s time for them to evolve.

On this episode of To the Edge and Beyond, brought to you by Intel, host Sarah Dandashy was joined by a trio of industry experts in Senior Intel Principal Engineer and Chief Technology Officer of RBHE Sanjay Addicam, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Karnataka Bank Pankaj Gupta, and Co-founder and CEO of DaveAI Sriram P H to explore how that evolution is taking place.


“There is a shift that is happening away from the role the branches used to play, traditionally,” Gupta said. “The branches are kind of moving toward managing processes, managing collections, [and] managing other regulatory requirements rather than the transactions, themselves.”

From a technology standpoint, Addicam said there’s been a recent explosion in kiosk implementation and use, which is transforming the way in which a typical branch operates.

That’s where solutions like DaveAI, an artificial intelligence-powered sales augmentation platform that “helps brands create a virtual sales avatar to understand their customers,” come in.

“When you have to cover a larger space in terms of number of branches, how can do that much leaner without compromising on the experience?,” Sriram said. “I think that’s where we try and leverage some of these technologies, like intelligent kiosks, to create what we believe is going to be a ‘branch in a box,’ where you can deliver the same experience, digitally, without compromising what really happens in a branch.”

Learn more about innovation in banking by connecting with Sanjay Addicam, Pankaj Gupta, and Sriram P H on LinkedIn.

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