How the Edge X2 Product Addresses the Specific Requirements of Mid-Size Enterprises

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When it comes to data centers, mid-sized enterprises have very specific requirements. For example, they usually only need five to ten racks of server capability—not 20 or 100. And because space is often at a premium in their facilities, MSEs typically require a data center with a small footprint. Also, they want an effective solution with the latest in security innovations.

To meet the demands of this market without compromising on quality or security, the BASELAYER Edge X2 module was designed to meet high power density requirements for HPC, Cloud, and Web Scale environments. Deployable in both indoor and outdoor spaces, it is perfectly suited to meet the needs of a mid-sized enterprise, no matter the location.

Factories, Hospitals, and Signal Source Towers Embrace the Edge X2

What kinds of organizations are benefiting most from the Edge X2? Manufacturing companies that want to take their data center out of the factory and put it in the parking lot instead and hospitals that would rather use all available floor space to treat patients are typical use cases. For establishments like these, taking the data center and putting it outside next to the generator or the chiller just makes sense. “Those are the kinds of mid-size enterprises that benefit from this innovation,” explains Samir Shah, Chief of Staff at BASELAYER, “as well as an entire new line of need which is data centers at the base of signal sources.”

Historically, BASELAYER modules were designed with 18 cabinets and up, so the Edge X2 is a new offering focused on providing mid-sized enterprises with a high-quality solution. “The benefit to our customers is everything about it makes you feel like you’re getting that Porsche even though you didn’t spend Porsche money for it,” says Marvin Rowell, Sr. DC Engineer, BASELAYER. “You get a BASELAYER module at a cost point of an ISO shipping container or some of these other really low-end modular data centers, yet you’re getting a higher end product.”

Increased Valued Through Lower Operations Costs

For the smaller deployments spread out all across the globe or in the country, it’s not particulary cost effective to hire employees to man data centers on a 24/7 basis. However, the Edge X2’s straightforward technology, with fewer moving parts, allows mid-sized enterprises to lower their operations costs, providing a great deal of value to these organizations.

BASELAYER manufactured these modules to run for extended periods of time, allowing X2 customers the opportunity to retrain operations staff to do more than just be wrench turners. “Now these guys can go out to the site maybe once a month,” Marvin says. “They check on it, they go back, and they’re doing more applications stuff or other things that they find more useful and beneficial to the company.”

With the Edge X2, MSEs get a pro modular data center for a greatly reduced price and the capacity to significantly lower operation costs.



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