IBM CEO: “I believe [AI] is Going to Infuse Every Enterprise.”

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IBM CEO Speaks on The Power of AI in Business

IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna says artificial intelligence is the future to unlocking a growing demand for data for the next century. Watch below to hear more of Arvind Krishna’s thoughts on the future of AI and the potential impact it could have on the business community as a whole.



“I believe [AI] that is going to infuse every enterprise [and] every process in this century.”


Krishna: So if you think about AI, I’ll begin with a bit of catch phrase, the same way as electricity helped electrification at the turn of the last century, I believe that is going to infuse every enterprise [and] every process in this century. So now that said, let’s talk about making it real. Here is the only tool we know that can really help unlock insight from all the data we collect. So when we think about improving the service for our own customers, when we think about improving operations inside the enterprise, when we think about maybe covid-19 vaccinations happening at a rate we’ve never seen, it is what helps make all of that happen. So you take that thinking. I’m really excited about open source.

500 million lines of code all collected so that we can train AI to help write code itself or programming. But imagine how much productivity that’ll unlock all you think about our auto rescue, our technology to help gather data from wherever it may reside across public clouds. These are all examples of how it really comes to life, but really helps unlock and delight and users. And I think about AI let’s unlock a little bit. That is a salesperson. They sit there and they’re trying to see what is happening to their client and Salesforce maybe. And I can look at that and say, hey, this opportunity is progressing. What should I add into that opportunity to delight the client even more? Who else should I work with inside the enterprise in order to go back? That’s what I really helps augment human intelligence. And I use the word does doesn’t replace but takes away the mundane tasks.


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