The idea of robots isn’t a new concept however, the fear of robots is a very real concern as many are worried that they will end up doing more harm than good. Although, from both sides of the discussion, there definitely are lots of cons, but the pros of these robots by far surmounts any negative predictions that could be made. Automation is always a worry when it comes to job security, but the reality is, the jobs getting replaced by these robots were jobs that had a high level of danger or a high level of turnover due to lack of interest. By the way, that’s not even the good news! The workers that remained found more fulfillment in the complex tasks they got to perform and in a lot of cases, they even got a nice paycheck bump. With Robots obviously becoming a crucial aspect of our modern-day workforce, especially in places like Amazon, new needs and new opportunities open for businesses to hire in which new skills and new jobs arise out of the whole process. So even though robots are here to stay, the future should be a glimmer of excitement as we see what’s in store for the workforce to come.