LISTEN: Security and costs holding back those looking to implement IoT projects


Internet of Things, or IoT, is what most companies are starting to implement but what is it and how safe is it? IoT, to put it simply, is the ability of things to communicate and share data with each other. Basically, your smart refrigerator can connect to that bracelet on your wrist that tracks your steps and share data. With that said, companies want to implement iot with certain projects and stay ahead of the curve of improving productivity with more precise data collected. 94% of ITprofessionals from organizations are embracing (IoT) initiatives to stay competitive, but most have admitted to having encountered barriers according to research carried out by Vanson Bourne and reported by The main two barriers are security and cost. The overhaul of changing out equipment to meet these standards can be expensive so that’s understandable. With advancement of hacks that happen within todays time, security is a valuable concern. Updates constantly being added to all of technology can cause the iot to replace in a matter of days and, once again, to be costly and have the security vulnerable. It’s not all frightening, the research also found that the benefits of IoT cite better business efficiency at 54%, 45% have seen lower costs and 41% higher customer satisfaction. IoT’s may seem scary but these show a positive direction in the technological age.

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