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Few industries change as rapidly as the tech industry. With ever-evolving telecommunications and tech innovations pushing change, tech companies must be prepped to turn on a dime and meet the demands of their customers wanting the stay on the leading edge. So how does an IT company brand itself to be relevant now, and well into the future where the tech landscape may look different? We answer this question today talking with Amber Lawhun, VP of Marketing & Partner Programs for Pinnacle Business Systems.

When Pinnacle began 30 years ago, it was an IBM-only solution for companies. But at the time, this is what businesses needed. Over the course of three decades and the rapid evolution of tech, businesses have grown new demands. Now, clients come to Pinnacle looking for a full-scale solution to their IT needs: Security, speed, and a comprehensive solution centered around their business outcomes. Pinnacle has stayed relevant by listening to its customers’ needs and catering its services to meet those new demands.

As Pinnacle rounded its 30 year anniversary, it needed a facelift to reflect the new services it provided, and a tag line that highlighted their core principle and the key to their evergreen success–“Attention you deserve.” This tag line embodies the company’s main feature–a keen ear for listening to its client’s needs. Over the years, Pinnacle has remained agile to the needs of its customer base and has put proven solutions in front of them based on their needs.

Amber attributes the key to their success to their ability to listen, as well as staying authentic and true to its client base. “Customers are looking for trust,” she said, and prefer “substance over flash.” As a successful, long-standing IT company, Amber’s advice to other IT companies navigating a rapidly changing marketplace is simply this: “Bring value and listen to the customer’s needs.”

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