MarketScale Industrial IoT 01/17/19: Cars are Computers on Wheels


Philippe Vigneau, Vice President of Business Development at Transatel  joined MarketScale at CES in Las Vegas to explain how they’re turning cars into laptops on wheels. We’re also joined by Trevor Fischbach, the President of StarChase. He discussed their mission to eliminate injuries and fatalities resulting from police pursuits using GPS and data collection.

Stopping the Chase & Saving Lives

Car chases might make for entertaining television, but they can be dangerous for law enforcement and civilians. Loss of life and property damage are very real consequences for these types of events. Trevor Fischbach, the President of StarChase, is putting tools in the hands of law enforcement that help prevent these devastating consequences.

For years, officers had limited tools at their disposal to stop or slow down suspects in a high-speed chase. StarChase has created a device that shoots an adhesive tracking device from the law enforcement vehicle onto the suspect’s car, allow agencies to track the whereabouts of that particular vehicle. This eliminates the need for officers to engage in a pursuit that could endanger lives, cause injuries, or damage property.

“Pursuits overall is a multi-billion dollar problem,” says Fischbach. The resulting damage from pursuits can straddle local municipalities with economy-crippling payouts. Reducing these occurrences can have widespread benefits throughout law enforcement agencies.

Is Your Car a Laptop With Wheels?

Can you envision a future where cars are connected to every device around you? Philippe Vigneau, Vice President of Business Development at Transatel, is working to make that future a reality. He joined this week’s podcast to shed light on why car manufacturers are moving to become telecom players in order to provide car connectivity services.

“The industry is going through a revolution when it comes to car connectivity,” says Vigneau. Transatel is striving to stay ahead of this revolution, creating connectivity solutions that make life and business possible.

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