MQTT Protocol in IoT Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the tech industry. Intel estimates that by 2020 there will be over 200 billion smart objects – about 26 for every man, woman, and child on the planet. As the number of IoT devices explodes, it will be essential to make sure they can all communicate with one another.

However, managing how these devices communicate between each other and to the Internet is critical. That’s why Red Lion focuses on incorporating technology and making their innovative solutions simple for users to set-up and use. Let’s take a look.

The MQTT Protocol Sets the Standard for IoT Communication

When companies adopt a single standard, it allows them to collaborate and innovate more quickly. That’s why, in 2013, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Standards (OASIS) named Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) as the messaging protocol of choice for IoT. Since its development in 1999, MQTT has proven to be a very efficient communication protocol required for low-energy and mass-deployed IoT devices. MQTT is based on a publish-subscribe architecture that specializes in connecting low-bandwidth and varying latency devices with limited CPUs to centralized hubs.

Simple Set-up for MQTT Deployment

The easiest path to implement MQTT in an industrial network starts with the MQTT client setup on remote devices. Arlen Nipper, creator of MQTT, complimented the easy setup of the MQTT clients on Red Lion’s RAM® products. Red Lion’s RAMQTT provides pre-configured profiles for eight industrial IoT platforms, including Ignition® by Inductive Automation®, Microsoft Azure®, AT&T® M2X, Amazon® AWS™ IoT, utoDesk® Fusion Connect, Nokia IMPACT, Cumulocity, and Telenor Connexion. Additional IoT platforms are accessible through on-board Software Development Kit (SDK).

A solution that roars ahead of the Competition

Red Lion’s RAM RTUs feature cloud connectivity for reliable, secure, and scalable communication to IoT cloud platforms. RAMQTT helps to reduce deployment and configuration complexities involved with IoT integrations, making it simple to connect, monitor, and control systems and processes. A typical user can be up and running in less than two minutes per device.

Connect with the experts at Red Lion today

Red Lion has been delivering innovative solutions in communication, monitoring, and control for industrial automation and networking for over forty years. For more information on RAMQTT, Red Lion’s native MQTT client, please visit


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