Eye-Seal CTO and Paragon Innovations CEO Mike Wilkinson recently joined MarketScale’s Tyler Kern remotely in MarketScale’s Trinity Studio to provide insights gleaned from the 2020 IoT Evolution Conference & Expo.

Eye-Seal “manufactures and sells internal breach detection devices for shipping containers to protect cargo and improve transparency for the logistics chain,” and, even though the company was founded less than a decade ago, it’s making waves in the space.

Paragon Innovations is a company with three decades of experience in providing industry-leading product development and engineering services.

Wilkinson said IoT Evolution, at which he was a presenter, was a key opportunity to get a feel for the wider world of IoT and where it’s headed moving forward.

“You learn about where IoT’s headed and what other people are doing with IoT and wireless devices,” he said. “I get to learn about other people who are making cellular and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules or communication radios. … You get to meet a bunch of different suppliers and potential partners.”

Kern and Wilkinson also touched on the security-driven solutions Eye-Seal is constantly innovating, how shows like IoT Evolution can support those efforts, and more.