The Price of Privacy: What Really Goes into Safeguarding From Cyber Attack

January 13, 2020
Chris Reeves

There’s no escaping the spread of technology in our everyday lives. Whether we’re using our phones, cars, or credit cards, digital information is all around us. That information, just like physical possessions, is prone to theft. Privacy and security of invisible data are just as important as protecting a home, and yet, many schools and organizations fail to invest in their IT departments, the defenders of the institution’s most prized asset—its users.

What are the real risks of not properly armoring your university, business, or corporation from cyber-attack? Answering that question on this podcast is Jonathan Kimmit, Chief Information Security Officer at The University of Tulsa, and Jack Green, Solutions Leader at Pinnacle Business Systems. As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the pair dive into how individuals and organizations can take actionable steps to armor themselves against hacks and data breaches.

Regardless of how much money is spent on cyber-security, Jonathan says “A 30 cent decision of clicking on a link can bypass a $10,000 security control in a heartbeat.” In that regard, privacy and security education is at the heart of strong IT security. Arm students and employees with skill sets and knowledge as the first line of defense against breaches.

“No one person has all the answers, and no one person can do it all,” said Jack of leaning too heavily on a few IT staff for privacy and security defense. Instead, make the IT staff a vital, contributing part of an organization’s higher leadership, rather than “silo,” off the IT department from an organization. By integrating IT into a greater company conversation, the role of security is shared by all those it effects.

Recounting real world stories of security breaches, while delivering insider industry insight, Jack and Jonathan give actionable tips on how IT departments can do better and prepare for the future.

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