Precision is critical to inventory management and any miscalculation can lead to significant business losses. Fortunately for companies that need to monitor various physical product units, digital solutions have emerged to improve tracking in warehouses.

At Smart Cities Connect in National Harbor, Maryland this month, new IoT solutions were present.

Raka Gupta, Director of Marketing at StockVUE, attended the event to present the company’s IoT solution, which tracks product levels by weight. Gupta said there is an acceptance of automation in a number of industries from healthcare to manufacturing.

“They were searching for a solution to keep track of their inventory autonomously,” she said.

Thinking of new ways to solve traditional issues is why conferences like Smart Cities Connect exist, and inventory management stands to be an area which smart technology and IoT capabilities play a major role in refining in coming years.

“You can be based in Washington, D.C. but you want to know what’s happening in Paris or what’s happening in California, so sitting here you could keep track of your inventory in all these sites remotely,” Gupta said.

As customers continue to demand products in shorter and shorter time frames, making the warehouse as streamlined and efficient as possible has become more important than ever before. The businesses that are able to meet orders more quickly, and thus take on more orders, will be better positioned for success in the digital era.