The Shortlist, August 28: Honeywell Bulks Up its IoT Offering and KFC Ditches the ‘C’


The Internet of Things has allowed people to be more efficient in their routines for years, and businesses are increasingly implementing the technology into their own. Industrial conglomerate Honeywell announced it is adding more automation, cybersecurity and visualization tools to its ‘Forge for Buildings’ IoT platform.

Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk told CNBC the company is also investing in robotics, amongst other smart tech.

Another American institution, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is also implementing the latest innovations in its field. At least for now.

The company began testing plant-based chicken yesterday through a partnership with Beyond Meat. The meatless nuggets and wings are available at just one KFC location in Atlanta right now, but if tests go well, the new menu item could be at a location near you soon.

Yahoo Finance reports that the product contains about 20 ingredients, with its core component being a pea protein.

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