KORE Wireless CEO Romil Bahl recently joined Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin remotely in the MarketScale Trinity Studio, engaging in a thought-provoking conversation about the state and direction of IoT solutions and their implications.

KORE focuses its efforts on helping businesses engage with that IoT growth, offering a partner that helps companies navigate the complexities of the technology and its deployment and management.

Litwin and Bahl discussed KORE’s broad approach to the industry and the company’s attention to detail in working to be a leader in IoT, adapting to the unique needs of varying industries, the quest for “frictionless” deployment, and more.

“We talk in terms of being the company that will solve that sort of mission statement of ‘connectivity out of the box’ for the lifetime of the device,” Bahl said. “Our customers deserve it. They should demand it. … It should just work, and that’s our business.”

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