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Unlocking Limitless Mobility With Multi Platform

Host Dan Cui, VP of sales and business development, discussed the future of technology brought about by the pandemic with CEO Alex Otanez. Referring to COVID-19 as “the great Read more


ConCensis: Six New Year’s Resolutions for 2022
January 20, 2022
  Every new year brings with it New Year’s resolutions. And these resolutions don’t have to be personal goals, as Censis Clinical Educator Jill Sweeney explained to ConCensis’ Tyler Kern. Resolutions can Read more
Using Drone LiDAR to Complete an As-Built Survey
January 20, 2022
Rome, NY- Traditionally, the documentation of As-Built construction surveys relied on conventional methods such as total stations and digital photogrammetry. However, the team at Spatial Data Consultants (SDC), an Read more
M&A Healthcare Advisors Announces 2022 Transactional Outlook, Market Update
January 19, 2022
M&A Healthcare Advisors Co-Founder & Executive Director Mike Moran announced on Tuesday a new video series to provide insight into relevant M&A topics. “The idea and approach behind these sell-side Read more
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Unlocking Limitless Mobility With Multi Platform
November 10, 2021
Host Dan Cui, VP of sales and business development, discussed the future of technology brought about by the pandemic with CEO Alex Otanez. Referring to COVID-19 as “the great Read more
The Danger Rogue Devices Present to Health Organizations
October 8, 2021
  Key Points: Rogue devices are unauthorized access points or unauthorized clients An unauthorized access point typically has weak and open security allowing anyone Read more
Challenges and Solutions for Designers Creating eVTOL Platforms
August 20, 2021
Taylor Fitzpatrick, Product Manager of Power Connectors at TE Connectivity, spoke on the challenges designers face when creating eVTOL platforms and the solutions they can use to help solve Read more
How to Close the Homework Gap Based on Student Connectivity
June 8, 2021
CoSN today released a report on the preliminary findings of a breakthrough study on students’ at-home internet connectivity and provided guidelines on bandwidth, devices and other Read more
The State of Play in Experience Design
May 12, 2021
Whether you’re an integrator, a designer or simply a label-defying creative, the EXPERIENCE is everything. Host Bryan Meszaros explores the story behind the exhibit to understand how a carefully Read more
The History, Development, and Future of Fiber to the Home
May 11, 2021
  Could a massive infrastructure investment from the Biden administration be forthcoming? And what could any potential legislation mean for connectivity? The United States, despite its Read more
Can Private Networks Pave the Way for Powerful Industry 4.0 Automation?
May 10, 2021
  What is private wireless, how does it works, and how does it differ from other solutions? Is it ready to pave the way for an even more expansive 5G rollout? You’ve come to the right Read more
T-Mobile CEO Claims to be “Two Years Ahead of Competitors” in 5G Race
May 5, 2021
US cell networks are currently in a race to lay claim to the 5G spectrum and drive value for their customers. T-Mobile US President and CEO Mike Sievert claims to be in the lead of the 5G race, Read more
How Will 5G Support Growing Needs in Telehealth and Emergency Services?
May 3, 2021
The way we communicate, share data and use technology to act on those insights is changing – and it’s all leading to the cloud. On In the Cloud, every week new experts will engage in a fire Read more