How Fixed Wireless Access is Ushering in a New Connectivity Era For Businesses


With new emerging 5G technologies, businesses are now better equipped than ever to operate in any environment, without the need for traditional cables. Replacing the traditional router with a personal antenna, major broadband companies like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T either currently offer enhanced fixed wireless access now, or plan to offer the connectivity option very soon. Offering a range of benefits including reduced connectivity costs, faster speeds and lower latency, this level of connectivity is real game changer, and is expected to grow the more businesses and consumers learn of its functions.

Verizon Associate Director of Solution Architects Erin Januchowski highlights some key changes businesses should be excited about with the rollout of fixed wireless access.

Erin’s Thoughts:

“So fixed wireless access has really grown right, and it is the deployment of cellular routers. But we’ve changed two functional things. One, we’ve really changed the billable models in allowing a greater amount of data to be used without fear of overage and as technology’s grown, we’ve grown the capacity and the bandwidth capability.

As a result, we’re seeing tremendous adoption in retail, in quick serve restaurant, in branch location. Since Covid definitively in the work from home, or what we call work from anywhere environment, as well as a compliment to an SD WAN implementation, whether that be in an active active, or an active capacity.”

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