Better Broadband: IoT and Connectivity as a Service

October 4, 2022

In early July 2022, nearly a quarter of the Canadian population was disconnected after a significant network went down. The outage impacted emergency services, banks, hospitals, and nearly every other industry (BBC). “Connectivity is at the heart of all businesses of all sizes,” said Steve Higgins, President of MobileWare. From residences to businesses, more outputs are connected to the network than ever before. Escalated by covid, it’s expected that there will be 80 billion connected devices by 2026.

“How do we ensure that the connectivity stays connected? Because without it, everyone is dead in the water,” said Higgins. What happened in Canada was catastrophic and “unacceptable.” The growth of IoT and IoT use cases solidifies the need for CAAS (connectivity as a service). Essential operational connections are integrated into the ecosystem. With more and more endpoints, there is a need to monitor and manage each of them carefully and have a backup in case the connection fails.

Higgins’ system offers nearly seamless connectivity because it utilizes the best network availability. It’s an untethered solution. Typical connections are singularly dependent. The MobileWare SIM operates on multicarrier connectivity, shifting from one network to the next.

From smart homes to massive machinery measuring output, the necessity to stay connected is growing daily. “Employees can work, machines can be measured, throughput can be had, refrigerators can be monitored, what level of temperature, service needs to be done, and that’s the level of detail that our complex solution can have,” said Higgins. Connectivity as a service disrupts the traditional singular approach to network operations. Listen to the entire episode now to hear about how companies connect the dots of the rising business model. Better Broadband is available wherever you listen to podcasts, online, on Spotify, or on Apple.

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